ZabbixZone Repository

ZabbixZone Repository provides Zabbix packages built by Kodai Terashima, an IT Engineer from Zabbix SIA. Packages are in stable version but we recommend to test it before deploy to production.

CentOS repository

Packages are supposed to work with CentOS-like systems version 5 and 6

Import GPG key

rpm --import

If you get an error message like the following the key has already been imported:

error: key 1 import failed.

Install package

rpm -Uv

Try to install any package

yum install zabbix-agent

Debian repository

Import GPG key

/usr/bin/apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 8FF57A0425FFD7E7

Add this to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb squeeze main

Update local cache

apt-get update

Try to install any package

apt-get install zabbix-agent


Some people prefers to use local files (LAN) instead of remote files. For this reason, I'm offering a rsync access.


rsync -avP rsync:// /var/www/centos


rsync -avP rsync:// /var/www/debian

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